Favourite Genres

Afrobeats, Hip Hop

About This Project

As a passionate music enthusiast DJ I.R.S. loves to play great tunes from all around the world while entertaining her audience and keeping them all on the floor. Originally born in Brazil I.R.S. loves Portuguese and Spanish influenced music, but she has found that playing Afrobeats & Hip Hop is her first choice. She has entertained at parties all across London and looks forward to her first international booking. I.R.S. loves to dance as much as she loves to DJ and thoroughly believes in working hard and playing even harder. Representing the rise of female DJs in the UK music and events scene she wants to make sure she is respected for her art, skills and talent and wants to let people know that she is here to stay. She can’t wait to light up the room at her next DJ booking and that room could potentially be your next event. Get in touch to book her today!